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Pastel Cote Shell w/ Missouri Ledgestone

Shadowstone w/ Sienna Castlestone

Autumn Blend w/ Natural Blend Ledgestone

North Hampton w/ PA Ledgestone

(Clay Trim)

Ocean Isle w/ PA Ledge Stone (Clay Trim)

Old Charlotte w/ Chardonnay Heritage

Catawba Ridge w/ Autumn Blend Limestone

Ocean Isle w/ PA Weatherledge

Old Charlotte w/ Tan Fieldstone

Veneer Stone with Brick

At PF Cook Brick Company, we sell only the finest products from America's most reputable masonry manufacturers. We do not sell "seconds" or inferior products to our customers. We sell only products that are rated A-grade in the industry and, without exception, products from consistently reliable manufacturers who provide the best guarantees for performance that can be found anywhere.

The Products we represent and distribute throughout the area are the heart and soul of our business and we take great pride in the fact that we are supplying each and every job with the very best quality one could ever find, and at the absolute best price we can offer.

All of our manufacturers are well known throughout the building industry, with longevity and the most favorable reputations proceeding them.

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